Artist/ Band: Par Lindh Project (PLP)
Title: Live In Poland
Label: Metal Mind Productions
Year of Release: 2008
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The Review:

Par Lindh Project have released their first DVD, which was recorded at a recent concert held at Wyspiansky Theater in Poland. The 80 minute long concert is a fully instrumental mix of classical based progressive rock. Here in a trio format, Par Lindh (keyboards), William Kopecky (bass) and a new member Svetlan Raket (drums). I’m not sure if they will remain a trio in the future but if they do, I think many keyboard driven prog fans will be delighted.

I have been an occasional fan of Par Lindh's material, ever since his ‘Gothic Impressions’ which to me is amazing from start to finish. After ‘Rondo’, I lost touch until I received the ‘Live In Iceland’ CD,. This rekindled my appreciation for Par, who as a keyboardist takes the best of Emerson and Wakeman then morphs them with a slice of Swedish folk into something very enjoyable. So when I received the ‘Live In Poland’ dvd, I was finally able to see Par in action., right on my TV screen!

All three musicians here are truly masters at their own instrument. William Kopecky has a style all his own, so I can’t really compare him to anyone else, just like Svetlan Raket, who is one of Sweden’s hidden gems. You get excellent glimpse at them in a live video setting. This is a treat from someone such as myself that may not ever get to see them in person.

I have no personal favorites of this, because I simply love all the songs equally. Ye s I know that can be seen as a cop out but it’s true. As a added treat, this concert comes as a deluxe cd/dvd set. On the dvd the extras include an informative 20 minute interview with Par where he discusses his beginnings as a classical pianist to establishing the Swedish art rock society in 1991.

In closing, if you enjoy keyboard driven instrumental progressive rock, then look no further. PLP is the band for you. Honestly, this band is the cream of the crop, and you get to see it for yourself anytime you desire.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on October 17th, 2008


1. Night on Bare Mountain (incl. The Black Stone)
2. Baroque Impression
3. Mundus / Veni Vidi Vici Medley
4. Suite in Progress
5. Montagues & Capulet
6. Bill's Solo
7. Gradus ad Parnassum

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  • interview with Pär Lindh
  • fully animated menu, discography, photo gallery, biography, desktop images, weblinks

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