Artist/ Band: Pallas
Title: The Dreams of Men
Label: InsideOut Music
Year of Release: 2005
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The Review:

The last time we heard a studio album from Pallas was about 4 years ago with, The Cross and The Crucible, which to date was the best the band had to offer. It would have been highly unlikely to top it but they did in 2005 on The Dreams of Men. In many progressive rock forums, it’s argued whether or not Pallas is a progressive rock band or not. To me they are with a hard rock edge which can be heard in all of their music.

In all honesty, Pallas is not the most inventive or innovated band recording today but what they do is top notch! From beginning to end, The Dreams of Men captivates my ears and once the album is over it leaves me wanting to repeat the experience. Maybe I’m a fan boy or maybe I’m just a fan of Pallas’ style of progressive music.

Some of my favorite tracks on the album is the title track,“Ghostdancers”, “Warriors” and “Messiah”. The other songs are equally as good. I have found that most people say “if you liked The Sentinel or The Cross and The Crucible then you will love The Dreams Of Men.” This is a statement that best sums up my feelings on this album. I would have to recommend this to fans of the more accessible side of progressive rock as well as those from the mainstream rock world, who need something more with a sense of direction and purpose.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on Janaury 3rd, 2005


1. The Bringer Of Dreams
2. Warriors
3. Ghostdancers
4. Too Close To The Sun
5. Messiah
6. Northern Star
7. Mr. Wolfe
8. Invincible
9. The Last Angel

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