Artist/ Band: Paatos
Title: Silence Of Another Kind
Label: InsideOut Music
Year of Release: 2006
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The Review:

Paatos returns in 2006 with a third album, Silence of Another Kind. After the successful embrace of the progressive community with the previous efforts Timeloss and Kallocain, the band continues their traditional melancholic post-rockĒ band with gothic and progressive leanings. The sound on Silence of Another Kind takes the modern approach they did on Kallocain one step further by adding a somewhat more accessible sound while retaining the overall sound started on Timeloss.

Several bands (modern and classic) come to mind in placing Paatos in the music world. Just think of The Gathering & Portishead (mainly because of the female vocals) and King Crimson & Sigur Ros for the artistic exploratory side. I vaguely remembered the latter band and feel that it should be stressed that itís an influence. Just like the previous two releases, Paatos takes the listener through a very dreamy musical journey.

Each of the three albums are very important to me as a music fan but I would say Silence of Another Kind has the most stable and memorable music from beginning to end. And would be my first choice to listen to for a modern progressive recording The appeal is simply they border between the mainstream and progressive genres enough to keep both sides interested.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on May 30th, 2006


1. Shame 4:32
2. Your Misery 5:06
3. Falling 5:10
4. Still Standing 6:10
5. Is That All? 6:49
6. Procession Of Fools 0:34
7. There Will Be No Miracles 3:36
8. Not A Sound 7:25
9. Silence Of Another Kind 2:41

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