Artist/ Band: Osada Vida
Title: Particles
Label: Metal Mind Production
Year of Release: 2013
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The popular Polish metal/prog group Osada Vida has gone through a few changes since their last album “Uninvited Dreams” (which I reviewed here at Prognaut back in March of 2010), most notably the addition of lead vocalist Marek Majewski (ex- Acute Mind).

The new line-up includes: Marek Majewski (vocals), Lukasz Lisiak (bass), Rafal Paluszek (keyboards), Bartek Bereska (guitars), and Adam Podzimski (drums). While always associated with progressive metal artists like Dream Theater,

Symphony X, Opeth, Angra, and Pain Of Salvation the last album “Uninvited Dreams” also had a surprising Canterbury feel as a result of the keyboard styling of Rafal Paluszek. But not this time. Any trace of Dave Stewart, Pete Bardens, or Alan Gowen have been exorcised as his playing reflects the heavier metal keyboardist like Dream Theater's past and present keymans Jordan Rudess and Derek Sherinian, Ryo Okomoto of Spock's Beard, and Michael Pinnella (Symphony X).

Which is good if you have an exclusive taste for hard-edged prog/metal – but not so good if your taste buds crave a multitude of flavors. “Uninvited Dreams” satisfied those cravings. But for “Particles” Osada Vida adopted the steadfast metal/prog formula established by a multitude of other making it hard to distinguish them for the pack.

Vocalist Marek Majewski sounds eerily similar to Ted Leonard of the American prog/metal group Enchant. For that matter Osada Vida and Enchant are a mirror image in many ways. And after a few spins I think you'll agree. Which is not a bad thing by any stretch of the imagination.

The collection of tunes on “Particles” is a joyous throwback to the great arena rock bands of the 80s' with crunchy power chords, a hard driving rhythm, and catchy hood laden melodies. Distant memories of Whitesnake, Europe, Deep Purple, Scorpions, Kings X, Night Ranger, Survivor, and Magnum can be heard throughout the album as well as reverberations from current artists like Dream Theater, post-Morse era Spock's Beard, Royal Hunt, Threshold, Shadow Gallery, Rush, Opeth, post-Michael Sadler era Saga, and their Polish compatriots Riverside.

The band includes a splendid jazzed-up cover version of Metallica's “Master Of Puppets” as a bonus track which is fantastic.

So if the music of the aforementioned artists gets your juices flowing then “Particles” should be right up your alley.

Reviewed by Joseph Shingler on April 30th, 2013


01. Hard-Boiled Wonderland (6:15)
02. Stronger (4:13)
03. Fear (4:41)
04. Those Days (5:42)
05. Shut (3:42)
06. David's Wasp (6:25)
07. Different Worlds (5:32)
08. Until You're Gone (5:19)
09. Mighty World (4:56)

Bonus track

10. Master Of Puppets (4:52)

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