Artist/ Band: Osada Vida
Title: The Body Parts Party
Label: Metal Mind Productions
Year of Release: 2008
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The Review:

Osada Vida are one of Poland’s hidden treasures as far as progressive music goes. Their sound combines a mixture of hard rock, progressive rock and progressive metal. I wouldn’t really lump them in with other progressive metal bands, since the metal sound is limited. The keyboards while done in an atmospheric way, are up front in the mix. They stand alongside their fellow countrymen, Riverside with it’s moody style, even though they aren’t as dark as Riverside. Other influences I hear are from Pink Floyd and on the heavier parts, Pain Of Salvation.

The album is divided into 8 songs about various body parts, as the title would suggest with my favorites being “Spine - In Full Swing“, “Heart - Back And Forth“ and the epic eleven minute “Bone -My Name Is Bone, The Single Bone“.. There is a digi-pak version that includes 2 bonus tracks. Since the promo sent didn’t include them, I can’t comment on them.

'The Body Parts Party' is one of the better releases from 2008. I’m rather surprised they aren’t talked about more. In fact, if it weren’t for receiving this album I would have never of heard of them. I’m sure glad I did. I would recommend fans of melodic progressive rock to get this album.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on February 28th, 2009


01. Body - The Body Parts Party
02. Liver - Mr LIver's Letter To You
03. Brain - Mind On Cloud Nine
04. Tongue - A White Lie
05. Spine - In Full Swing
06. Heart - Back And Forth
07. Muscle - Strong But Powerless
08. Bone - My Name Is Bone The Single Bone

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