Artist/ Band: Oceana Company
Title: For The Boatman
Label: Self release
Year of Release: 2008
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The Review:

“Landing” (4;26) – Cool primitive sounds of drums before synths and Nixon talking to the astronauts by phone. The melody and rhythm begin. Guitars and synths supported well with drums and radio – like broadcasts from the past interwoven to create a dramatic effect. The rhythm feels like rowing or running. Then cool heavy guitars and smashing drums with even heavier synths supporting.

“Trenchfever” (4:21) – Stunning guitar and drums. Smashing Pumpkins like screams and sounds helping to describe the feeling.

“Freedom of Mind” (5:20) – Drums and quieter vocals with bass and lead guitar. Grinding guitars later supported by synths. “It’s a sad day for freedom of mind.” Yep, it feels like that.

“Imaginary Time” (4:32) – Cool piano – like keys then the drums and guitar mixing together. Heavier guitars and synths with solid drums supporting. “I know there is a paradise on the other side of the wall.” “I’m desperately searching.” A real image and feeling of isolation supported well by the keys and guitar work.

“Silent” (7:05) – Slow quiet bass and drums supporting almost whispered vocals. “Long forgotten days.” “People knew the knowledge.” “And crafted their hearts.” Then the heavier guitar and synths pipe in supported by stronger drums. “Sweet sorrow, empty words.” “Silent walking over me.”

“A Wayfarer’s Travel” (4:55) – Cool guitar rhythms and drums to open this one. Then the riffs get heavier. “I watch the sun rise over silver mountains.” “Then cross the lake of fathomless depth.” The guitar riffs are some of the best on the album. The vocals do a great job of describing a journey across a beautiful land. There is a certain sadness in the vocals and music that morn for the loss of places to go to get away from the city and wander.

“The Warning Light Stays On” (6:58) – Heavier Rush – like guitar and power drums open this song. Grinding guitar and the best melody and rhythm on the album. Then a spoken word story of space takes over the soundscape. It is like a comic book coming to life in music. The guitars and drums are eerie and dark.

“Boatman” (3:58) – The comic book story from the last song continues to open this song. Then thundering drums and heavy bass guitar before grinding electrics rip through the air. All sorts of noise and shrieking guitars and dark piano fill the air. The slow piano and synth procession that follows is like a requiem.

“The Big Sky” (11:17) – The big epic closer on the album opens with cool acoustic guitar. Then quiet vocals, “As I look through my window to the world. And nightfall is folding.” Sound effects fill the air as the acoustic continues to paint a soft slow picture with chime – like sounds in support. “Change is an inevitable part of life.” Then the piano takes over so effortlessly. The power guitars come back supported by synths and drums.

Rating: 8/10 – This is a unique sounding album that will make most progressive fans happy.

Reviewed by Prof on October 19th, 2010


1. Landing (4:26)
2. TrenchFever (4:20)
3. Freedom of Mind (5:20)
4. Imaginary Time (4:32)
5. Silent (7:05)
6. A Wayfarer's Travel (4:05)
7. The Warning Light Stays On (6:58)
8. Boatman (3:57)
9. The Big Sky (11:17)

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