Artist/ Band: Nox Arcana
Title: Blood of the Dragon
Label: Monolith Graphics
Year of Release: 2006
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The Review:

Nox Arcana has a way of transporting the listener into different realms and this time they take you to one of sword and sorcery entitled Blood of the Dragon. The album takes the listener through an epic journey back to a mythical time where knights, wizards barbarian hordes, and more. According to their website, the story is about a quest for the Treasure of the Four Crowns. This treasure was gathered by the kings of the four ancient realms and hidden deep in the earth long ago. It lies buried, awaiting to be discovered.

Nox Arcana, does as a duo what some film composers do with an entire orchestra. They’re truly a force to be reckoned with, where they combine haunted and wondrous musical themes which range from medieval minstrel ballads on acoustic guitars and flutes to full on orchestrated instrumental pieces complete with choirs. Simply enchanting, one can close their eyes and be teleported back.

Upon listening to Blood of the Dragon, I’m reminded of the soundtrack scores of great sword and sorcery movies like "Conan," "The 13th Warrior," and "The Lord of the Rings", to name a few bigger names. The cd booklet is filled with artwork done by Vargo, which is amazing to look at while listening to the music.

If you’re into epic orchestral soundtrack music, then this is the crème de la crème with Nox Arcana’s Blood of the Dragon. It’s one of those releases that creeps back into your player time and time again.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on February 17th, 2007


1 Ancient Legacy
2 The Quest Begins
3 Citadel of Secrets
4 Sorcerer
5 Treasure of the Four Crowns
6 Highland Storm
7 Mist Loch
8 Underworld
9 The Mystic's Keep
10 Stygian Depths
11 Legions of Darkness
12 Steeds of Thunder
13 Rogue's Hollow
14 Warrior's Dawn
15 The Siege
16 Dragon Riders
17 Flame Tongue
18 Defenders of the Realm
19 Chamber of the Immortals
20 Blood of the Dragon
21 Eternal Champions

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