Artist/ Band: Nosound
Title: Sol29
Label: Kscope
Year of Release: 2005 (2010 remastered edition)
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The Review:

“In the White Air” – Simply one of the best piano/drum combos these ears have ever heard. This one stays with you long after the album ends. It really is the signature stamp for this album. The mono phonograph playing at the beginning is classic and elevates this song and album to a very cool classic jazz level. One of the best songs on the album and few bands have opened their albums as well. One of Nosound’s best songs. The synth work, noise and fades are just incredible. Words are not enough to describe this experience. The standing bass adds such incredible depth. Giancarlo is perfectly on target with sympathetic and longing vocals. The piano is just riveting.

“Wearing Lies on Your Lips” – That riveting piano is back. It just grabs you and draws you into this song. The surrounding synths and sounds build until an emotional almost waterfall plunge over the edge and you can’t help but ride with it. The blistering lead guitar which burns through takes away your attention from the synths while Giancarlo lays out the story in between the riffs and keys. The guitar solo is just incredible.

“Child’s Game” – Muffled piano and synths sounds. No need for drums. These are bold piano stokes from all of the bass keys. It sounds out of key and not perfect as if a child were playing the melody.

“The Moment She Knew” – An almost pipe organ sound opens this one. Eerie and reminiscent of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side organ sections. Then those cool symbols and Giancarlo’s lead electric light up the soundscape like the sunrise at dawn. A cool synth effect, which is also another signature sound on this album, pierces through the air as the heavy lead bass – like chords pulse in support. That reverb riffing helps fill the air with static noise and the soundscape is complete. Then they rock you gently through this 9:40 epic.

“Waves of Time” – Yes, cool rolling metal synth sounds like machinery rolling out steel waves with pulses. Very cool effect with that bell – like synths adding texture. A cool, short instrumental interlude.

“Overloaded” – Cool almost choir – like vocals welcome some of the best dreamy acoustic guitar on the album. The synths follow, supporting well and along with the drums complete the soundscape. Giancarlo weaves a masterful story together with vocals and acoustic guitar. The piano re – enters towards the end to add an exclamation point.

“Idle End” – Very interesting sounds and synths add effect as the melody builds. Then stunning electric guitar and drums reminiscent of all the great Pink Floyd epics. But this is different and full of emotion and power. “Come out and walk into this fading light.” The emotions and feeling are there in the vocals and the acoustic, supported well by bass and keys.

“Hope for the Future” – Cool deep acoustic chords before slow glistening synths and guitar chords lay the foundation for the melody that follows. Very spacey Floyd – like soundscape but Giancarlo’s quiet vocals add a different spin to the theme. The tranquil, peaceful sound effect is a perfect approximation of the band’s namesake. Music that draws out emotions as well as it passes them along.

“Sol29” – The epic and title song opens with echoed bell and chime – like synths. Simply mesmerizing as one might expect during the holiday season. The soft slow, wave action synths take over and glide over the soundscape taking you with them at each ebb and flow. Soothing choir – like vocals are added to the soundscape to help take you over the edge. Then the end drifts off to, yes, no sound for a while before you hear feet walking across a rocky beach. Just where you imagined you’d be.

“Idae 14” – Synth almost horn – like effects before drifting into a river of sound illuminated by light and intricate keys. The effect feels like speeding on a bullet train, the synths almost sound like rails, as you pass from an urban to a rural countryside.

“The Red Song” – Cool chime and organ – like synth effects. Never the same on any song. Different, dynamic and engaging.

“The World is Outside” – That grinding organ sound made so famous by Pink Floyd, but the band tweaks it a notch and Giancarlo’s vocals make it original. The sound effects and guitar are wonderful.

Rating: 10/10 – It is now perfect, not that it needed much improvement to begin with. Simply an incredible introduction to the power of sound that transcends and captures your imagination and provides that silent feeling of reflection we all desperately need in the fast paced world of the 21st century. Music that draws out emotions as well as it passes them along.

Reviewed by Prof on October 26th, 2010


Disc 1:

01. In The White Air
02. Wearing Lies On Your Lips
03. The Child's Game
04. The Moment She Knew
05. Waves Of Time
06. Overloaded
07. The Broken Parts
08. Idle End
09. Hope For The Future
10. Sol29

Bonus tracks:
11. Idae 14
12. The Red Song
13. The World Outside

Disc 2 - DVD
  • Original Sol29 mixes: Entire Album
  • Videos :
    1. Sol29 (short film)
    2. Contemplating Neptune
    3. Contemplating Mars
    4. Contemplating Moon

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