Artist/ Band: Neal Morse
Title: Sola Scriptura
Label: Radiant Records
Year of Release: 2007
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The Review:

I must admit to not listening to much of Neal Morseís solo work so when given a chance to hear his new one, Sola Scriptura, I took that opportunity. I was very impressed from the first note and wanted to digest everything about it. One thing I noticed right off was the similar format in song lengths as was in the two Transatlantic albums.

Sola Scriptura has three epics and one short ballad, all of which revisits what heís done in the past but in a much better, mature fashion. One major difference is the music has a harder edge to it, especially in the epics. That is thanks in part to Paul Gilbertís guitar tone. Also Mike Portnoyís drumming is closer to the way his Dream Theater output. These two elements alone help Neal bring for lack of a better term, a better overall product.

For you naysayers, there is NO filler in this album whatsoever. It all flows well and none of it sounds forced. If youíve enjoyed the output Neal has given in the past then you will absolutely like this album. He culminates all the best ingredients of his past into this solid album. Once itís finished, you instantly press repeat., which to me makes a classic album.

I enjoyed the whole album from start to finish and needless to say, I would recommend this album to fans of Nealís previous work. It really is a must have!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on February 28th, 2007


1. The Door
2. The Conflict
3. Heaven In My Heart
4. The Conclusion

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