Artist/ Band: Neal Morse
Title: Testimony Live (DVD)
Label: Radiant Records
Year of Release: 2004
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The Review:

I wasnít sure what to expect when I put this DVD in my player with all said of Nealís latest album with itís preachy Christianity lyrics but after watching the DVD twice, on two different occasions I came up with one conclusion. It doesnít matter, Nealís ways may not be for everyone, so if it bothers you then block it out. I felt his lyrics were spiritual based more so than what I was led to believe by some internet hype. So just sit back and just listen to the beautifully played music he has to offer. The music is somewhere between classic rock and progressive rock with a solid song based music.

Disc One has Testimony in itís entirety with a very nice back-up band that Neal got together, including Mike Portnoy of Dream Theater. Sorry Iím not too familiar with the other musicians. Theyíre all fantastic and some are multi-instrumentalists like Neal. The music and message of Testimony are both powerful and thought provoking whether youíre a Christian or not.

Disc Two contains songs from Nealís past and to me this was more enjoyable to watch and listen. The only reason is that they were familiar songs to me. Songs from his former bands, Spockís Beard and Transatlantic. The musicians of Nealís current band did those songs perfectly, not saying the originals are bad but these guys rock them out wonderfully.

This is one of the better musical DVDs that Iíve watched recently. Personally, the music on Disc Two are worth the price alone. The whole DVD is very enjoyable to watch and a wonderful testament of a pivotal musical document of Nealís live called Testimony.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on November 16th, 2004


Part One
1. The Land Of The Beginning Again
2. Overture No. 1
3. California Nights
4. Colder In The Sun
5. Sleeping Jesus
6. Interlude
7. The Prince Of The Power Of The Air
8. The Promise
9. Wasted Life

Part Two
10. Overture No. 2
11. Break Of Day
12. Power In The Air
13. Somber Days
14. Long Story
15. Itís All I Can Do

Part Three
16. Transformation
17. Ready To Try
18. Sing It High

Part Four
19. Moving In My Heart
20. I Am Willing
21. In The Middle
22. The Storm Before The Calm
23. Oh, To Feel Him
24. Godís Theme

Part Five
25. Overture No. 3
26. Rejoice
27. Oh Lord My God
28. Godís Theme 2
29. The Land Of The Beginning Again

1. We All Need Some Light
2. The Light
3. Stranger In Your Soul
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