Artist/ Band: KTU
Title: Quiver
Label: Hoedown Arts
Year of Release: 2009
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In 2009, KTU released a new album called ’Quiver’. It was a long awaited follow-up to their 2005 debut release 8 Armed Monkey. Since then the band was reduced to a trio of Pat Mastelotto (percussion), Trey Gunn (Warr guitar) & Kimmo Pohjonen (Chromatic button accordion, voice). The fourth member, Samuli Kosminen (samples) is only listed as a guest musician for ‘Quiver’.

While ‘8-Armed Monkey’ was “loosely” played, ‘Quiver’ has a more focused sound and emphasis on structure. The song lengths range between 2-6 minutes which should satisfy those that want shorter albums in this digital age. My favorites are the opening track, “Fragile Sun” which in my opinion sets the tone of the album. The more straight forward follow-up track, "Kataklasm" reminds me of what King Crimson was doing before their extended hiatus in 2004 (studio album wise) and the title track with a more tribal feel. The last highlight for me is “Purga”, that creates a very dreamy chaotic mood.

I think the direction the band took on Quiver is truly a “progressive” one. The music is more organized and structured which shows the band finding it‘s own identity. After many listens, I can honestly say ’Quiver’ has grown on me more than the debut and is a contender for my top 20 favorite releases of 2009. You can hear samples of the album over at their MySpace page. Serious progressive music fans will undoubtedly seek out this release. Highly recommended.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on October 31st, 2009


01. Fragile Sun
02. Kataklasm
03. Nano
04. Quiver
05. Purga
06. Womb
07. Wasabi Fields
08. Jacaranda
09. Aorta
10. Miasmaa
11. Snow Reader

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