Artist/ Band: Jadis
Title: Photoplay
Label: InsideOut Music
Year of Release: 2006
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The Review:

From beginning to end, Jadis’ latest effort Photoplay is rooted more in the modern rock genre than neo/symphonic progressive rock format of previous releases. There’s still elements of progressive rock in each of the songs but gone are the more symphonic or neo passages of the past. Well mostly gone, long time keyboardist Martin Orford can still be heard (vaguely in parts) on this album. In fact it’s his last with the band. So it’s anyone’s guess if they’ll replace him or gone on as a trio. Depending on the listener this new beginning can be either good or bad. To me, Photoplay marks the departure of being ranked among bands such as Arena or IQ and brings Jadis more in league with bands such as Presto Ballet and Enchant.

Photoplay has some hard rock moments throughout as well as songs that have slower moments but far from the typical ballads some bands do. One stand out highlight for me is the first track, There’s A Light and Please Open Your Eyes. To me these showcase that the band can transition from their old style into a new more vibrant make-over. To me Jadis had a samey feel to each of their albums which made me wonder if they were able to write songs. I knew they were talented musicians but song writing is a whole other beast. After the band’s 2003 debut on InsideOut Music, Fanatic I was ready to put Jadis in the Pendragon camp of almost re-doing old ideas in new songs. Now with Photoplay they shown to me that while they were straying away from their roots, they were forging ahead in new territories thus renewing my faith in the band. Mind you I don't think the band is abandoning their roots, just progressing. I will recommend Photoplay to the afore mentioned bands, long time fans of Jadis and modern rock fans.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on April 11th, 2006


1. There's A Light
2. What Goes Around
3. Asleep In My hands
4. Standing Still
5. I Hear Your Voice
6. Make Me Move
7. Who I Am
8. Need To Breathe
9. Please Open Your Eyes
10. All You've Ever Known
11. Photoplay

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