Artist/ Band: Jadis
Title: Fantaic (regular edition)
Label: InsideOut Music
Year of Release: 2003
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The Review:

Jadis returns with their 8th release, Fanatic, which sadly sounds like more of the same but with better productions. Last I heard of Jadis was their second release, I don’t hear much difference in the way the music is delivered. They’re staying in a “safe” place which can be good or bad. In their case it’s all good. Back are the original line-up Gary, Steve, Martin and John from 1993 which has them returning to the same formula which has been their trademark since the debut disc , nearly 12 years ago.

In brief, Jadis is more of a rock band with some neo-prog/ symphonic leanings. This is mainly due to the keyboard played by Martin Orford (of IQ). I keep seeing a Pendragon comparison, other than a signing guiatrist and a 4 piece format I don't see that because Jadis is many steps beyond Pendragon. Besides Gary's vocals are so much more emotionaly and pleasant than the ones in Pendragon but that' just my opinion.

Jadis is one of the many bands that could be nice introductions to the wonderful world of progressive rock. I can’t recommend this to the hard-core prog fans aka "prog snobs". But if you're into the melodicsong based music then this is a good one to get especially if you’re already a Jadis fan. Also if you're a Jadis fan, pick up the dvd, View From Above to see them in a live setting. It also has a informative interview with Gary & Martin, talking about the history of Jadis.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on April 25th, 2004


1. The Great Outside (6:34)
2. Into Temptation (6:38)
3. Each & Everyday (6:09)
4. I Never Noticed (5:24)
5. Fanatic (4:04)
6. Yourself Alone (6:56)
7. Take These Words (4:16)
8. What Kind of Reason (8:17)
9. Who Can We Be Sure Of (4:51)

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