Artist/ Band: IQ
Title: The Seventh House
Label: GEP
Year of Release: 2000
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The Review:

IQ has set yet another milestone in their almost 20 years together (as of this release) with The Seventh House.

On the heels of their critically acclaimed Subterranea, the band follows up with a collection of 6 songs in the vein that has made them so famous.

The line-up since 1993's Ever of Peter, Martin, Mike, Paul & Jon are stronger than ever! One can only hope for what's in store for the next IQ release which is in the works as we speak.

I was very fortunate to see them at the inaugural Progfest back in 1993, soon afterwards I started collecting all of their cds... even the Paul Menel ones. I admit that I like 'em *grin*.

If you haven't heard of IQSeven Stories Into (Ninety)Eight or The Wake. For a modern look at the band, I'd recommend Seventh House followed by Ever.

Reviewed By Ron Fuchs On May 20th, 2003


1. Wrong Side of Wierd [12:24]
2. Erosion [5:44]
3. The Seventh House [14:23]
4. Zero Hour [6:58]
5. Shooting Angels [7:24]
6. Guiding Light [9:58]

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