Artist/ Band: In A World
Title: Hallows' Eve
Label: Goes To Eleven Media
Year of Release: 2007
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The Review:

In A World return with another diversion from their debut. This time they do an appropriately entitled holiday album for Halloween called ‘Hallows’ Eve‘. Every monster and scary situation from all horror movies are featured here but with original compostions.

Just like ’Lifestyles’ the songs are shorter and instrumental. Adding to the music is some atmospheric sounds for moods for the scariest night of the year. They revisit two songs from their debut but in instrumental mode, “Nightmares” & “Darkness Falls”.

I’m told they will put out a proper follow-up to the self titled debut but on a more epic scale. I really can’t wait for it. So far all three albums of In A World are amazing from start to finish. I’d recommend ‘Hallows’ Eve’ as the best soundtrack for the Halloween holiday.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on October 14th, 2007



1. Banshee
2. The Kiss of the Phantom
3. Dance of the Spirits
4. Chills
5. Ritual
6. Nightmares (instrumental version)
7. The Witching
8. Walking Dead
9. Lurking in the Shadows
10. Be Afraid
11. Nosferatu
12. Darkness Falls (instrumental version)
13. Ring Around The Rosie
14. Vampyre's Lament


15. Tongues
16. Have Mercy
17. El Chupacabra
18. Creature's Heartbeat
19. Cauldron of the Coven
20. Electric Chair
21. The Howling Tempest
22. Omnious
23. Swamp Thing
24. Into the Dungeon

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