Artist/ Band: In A World
Title: Lifestyles
Label: Goes To Eleven
Year of Release: 2007
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The Review:

In A World return with a different follow up to their self titled debut. An instrumental soundtrack like album with shorter pieces called 'Lifestyles'. This album showcases what Dirk & Nicole are musically capable of, with a full symphonic cinematic flare that normally is achieved by orchestras.

Lifestyles is divided into six main sections but the ones that I think stand-out and show Dirk & Nicole’s true talent are "Life of An Action Hero" and "The Horror" series. All the rest are good but nothing outstanding as those. One gripe I have is I wished the songs were longer. They make me want more. That could be a good selling point about the music.

If you enjoy bands like Karda Estra, Nox Arcana and Ghosts of Pompeii, you’ll definitely enjoy the music of In A World’s Lifestyles.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on September 20th, 2007


Life of An Action Hero
1. Super Powers
2. Double Agent
3. Soaring
4. Illicit Substance
5. Prime Directive
6. Smoke This
7. In Pursuit

Such Drama
8. Fly Away
9. fading Memories
10. Ascending

The Horror
11. Be Afraid
12. Ritual
13. Chills
14. Have Mercy

Silly Romance
15. Restless Patience
16. New Kitten
17. Funky Lady

Easy Livin'
18. Struttin'
19. Truckin'
20. Rollin'
21. High Fiven'

Being X-treme
22. Crushing
23. Tribal Warefare
24. Road Rage
25. Adrenaline Rush
26. The Getaway
27. Lethal Intenet
28. Eye Spy

Bonus Mixes

29. Super Powers (no choir)
30. Double Agent (no choir)
31. Fading Memories (no voice)
32. new Kitten (no oboe/flute)

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