Artist/ Band: However
Title: Calling
Label: North America East Recordings
Year of Release: 1985/1995/2010
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The Review:

Recently I had the pleasure of reviewing the debut from However, called “Sudden Dusk”. It was an education of how many bands have gone under the radar. However returned a few years later with “Calling” and 25 years later it sounds as fresh as some of the newer bands in the prog genre.

Some highlights for me are the opening track “Orion” (3:40) which features Terresa Gayle on lead vocals. This song sounds as if it was recorded yesterday. It has a fresh sound that would rival any modern female vocals.

“Sigh” (2:13) and “Into The Dance (Favour Me Oblivion)“ (4:54) have a late 70’s Camel vibe. Both vocals (Peter Princiotto on the former and Bobby Read on the latter) invoke Andrew Latimer’s vocals.

There are just so many different sounds on this album that it’ll keep the listener’s attention all the way through and wanting more by the end. On the 2010 edition there’s a previously unreleased track “Reaching In A Dream” (3:05) and a previously unreleased track on cd called “Spheres Of Action (We All Have Hearts)“ (3:33).

Other highlights include the title track (2:49) and “Airplay” (3:14) which reminds me of 80’s Crimson with the latter adding a Happy The Man vibe. Continuing with a more Happy The Man vibe is “Little Ricky” (the next generation)” (5:49).

I have to note the longest track on the album, “Wild/Cold (with monotony and trio)” (8:37) which has a more laid back jazz sound that keeps with a fresh delivery from both the musicians as well as the vocals.

In closing, if you’re familiar with However you might need to upgrade to this newer edition. If you’re new to the band such as myself, here’s a perfect opportunity to get this album. It’s just a great addition to your music collection and it shows that even in the 80’s there were bands that held the banner high for the progressive rock genre. Highly recommended!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on October 6th, 2010


01. Orion
02. Sigh
03. Into The Dance (Favour Me Oblivion)
04. Reaching In A Dream
05. Spheres Of Action (We All Have Hearts)
06. What Goes Around...
07. On The Face Of The World
08. Earthtime
09. Stop Sign
10. Intermission
11. Bell Toll
12. Calling!
13. Airplay
14. Little Ricky (the next generation)
15. Heroes Return
16. Scylla And Charybdis
17. Wild/Cold (with monotony and trio)
18. The World War
19. What Goes Around Comes Around
20. Chips
21. 463-646-3463

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