Artist/ Band: However
Title: Sudden Dusk
Label: North America East Recordings
Year of Release: 1981/1994/2009
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However hailed from the Washington DC area and in 1981, they released Sudden Dusk. The style of music they can be classified with is an Avant/Canterbury blend with some American folk music added to make their unique sound. Upon several listens, they invoke bands like Gentle Giant and Univers Zero (mainly because of the bassoon and other orchestral instruments used). I would go as far as considering them mostly as the American version of Gentle Giant, while having an original sound.

Sudden Dusk got re-issued twice with the current version and from what I gather it’s to be considered the “definitive” edition. The band at the time were Bill Kotapish (guitars, bass & voice), Peter Princiotto (voice, bass guitars, bass pedals, piano, synth & guitars), Bobby Read (voice, sax, synth, piano, percussion, clarinet & flute), Joe “Stellar” Princiotto who is Peter’s younger brother (drums, percussion), and frequent guest Don “Whitz” Berkemeyer (recorder, bassoon & voice).

From the opening track of “It’s Good Fun” to the closing “In The Midst Of Making”, the band takes the listener on a demented yet fun ride. Each time I listened to Sudden Dusk, I find new interesting sounds. Since I just heard this album in 2010 instead of 1981, it really stood the test of time and then some. Honestly it sounds like it could go up against the current crop of progressive minded bands.

In closing, if you were a fan of the band and don’t have a copy of Sudden Dusk, then get this version, even though a previous edition had an extra track. If you’re new to their brand of progressive music, like myself, this is a must have album. This is one of the better independently produced reissues I’ve heard. This is a band that needs more press because, in my opinion, it’s as classic as anything else that came out in the late 70’s/ early 80’s.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on July 23rd, 2010


01. It's Good Fun
02. Hardt
03. In The Aisles
04. Louise Sitting In A Chair
05. Beese
06. Sudden Dusk
07. Lamplight
08. Grandfather Was The Driver
09. Trees For The Forest
10. In The Midst of Making

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