Artist/ Band: House of Not
Title: The Walkabout Of A Nexter Niode - Part 2 - Sexus
Label: Freak Street Productions
Year of Release: 2005
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The Review:

On Sexus, the second part of The Walkabout, Nexter continues his journey seeking "self-knowledge and experience. This is an ambitious concept album that is spread across 5 albums. Keeping you waiting for the next chapter or episode to arrive, almost like the old time serial story telling.

This time the music sounds less like Pink Floyd, in fact there’s a heavier element and a more intricate, more 'progressive' presence. Joining Brian on vocals is award-winning singer Dee Brown. Her vocals are heard on "Lady In Waiting". Several songs feature female vocal backing which brings to mind the style in Pink Floyd's Great Gig In the Sky. Adding to instruments on the debut are the presence of saxophones, harmonica and organ. This helps by adding another dimension to this evolving musical adventure.

One of the highlights, for me at least, on Sexus is the 10-minute "Pipedream". It has a strong jazz-meets-rock-meets-blues feel to it. But like Off The Path, every song is worthy, although there’s not really a “single” here per say. It’s more album based this time around. A third member joined the band recently as well as 14 guest artists.

This is truly an ambitious effort that pays off ten-fold! Nexter's future travels have already been planned for him by House Of Not, and will be told in parts 3, 4 and 5. Just remember this is the kind of stuff that attracted you to progressive music in the first place. It is a highly recommended release just like the debut, Off The Path, which should already be in your CD collection.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on September 27th, 2005


1. Séance
2. Voodoo Bitch
3. Whitehouse
4. Lady In Waiting
5. Icons
6. Is That The Best You Can Do?
7. Black Out
8. Footnotes / Hurt
9. State Of The Union
10. Behind The Veil
11. It's Your Mother
12. Secret Garden
13. Pipedream
14. Chase The Dragon

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