Artist/ Band: House of Not
Title: The Walkabout Of A Nexter Niode - Part 1 - Off The Path
Label: Freak Street Productions
Year of Release: 2003
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The Review:

Canadian band, House of Not has embarked on an ambitious, nay sayers might say doomed, rock opera called The Walkabout of A. Nexter Noide. In 2003, Off The Path the first of a five parts was released. The storyline is basically about a kid's somewhat psychedelic journey. The music on the debut is focused on classic rock, blues and jazz. The vocals remind me of Roger Waters (of Pink Floyd). There is a strong Pink Floyd vibe throughout the album with the emphasis on the guitar. Other instruments are given the light of day too, including obviously bass and drums, Also the inclusion of instruments not often used in modern rock albums, mandolin, keyboards and even some didgeridoo.

Vocalist, Brian Erikson came up with the concept while on retreat in the Himalayas in 2000. When he returned to his native Canada, he was joined by Lou Roppoli and created the core of House of Not. They are augmented by the contributions of 13 guest artists.

There’s not a bad song on this album, which is a positive selling point to get people to buy it. One of the standout songs that would appeal to progressive rock fans in general, is the 9 minute "Blood From A Stone". It has that Floyd vibe as I mentioned earlier. The song "Mainstream” is an excellent power ballad, that could have been (if not already) a hit single.

So in conclusion, Off The Path is a fantastic solid release that should appeal to both mainstream and progressive rock fans alike. Highly recommended.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on September 27th, 2005


1. Force of Nature (4:05)
2. Mainstream (5:23)
3. Footnotes (2:51)
4. Off the Path (2:23)
5. Taj Mahal Daydream (1:38)
6. Sad Silk (2:06)
7. A Mile in Those Shoes (2:00)
8. Sacred Cow (0:43)
9. Ol' Phat Fok (4:25)
10. FreakStreet (4:35)
11. Stranger (6:03)
12. High in the Himalayas (1:50)
13. Blood from a Stone (8:46)
14. Sanctuary (3:40)

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