Artist/ Band: Helmet of Gnats
Title: II
Label: Ambient Records
Year of Release: 2004
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The Review:

Itís been about 8 years since their debut and thereís been some line-up changes, mainly in ryhtm section. Gone from the fold are bassist, Nick Defala, and drummer, Nicola Vitiello. Joining the remaining members, Chris Fox (guitars) and Matt Bocchino (keyboards) are bassist, Wayne Zito, and drummer, Mark Conese.

Iím not sure the reason for the change but thereís some slight differences in sound which can also be due to the technology in 2004 in comparison to 1996. Also the new release is recorded in a hybrid SACD for better quality especially for those with better equipment.

Overall the sound and style on II is superior to their debut. Not saying the first was bad, this is just better and tighter with the compositions. I also think new members can play a crucial role in recording.

Helmet of Gnats is recommended to fans of classic and modern fusion. Also recommended to fanís of great inventive music. I can guarantee that you will need this in your collection today. So go get one from the band or your favorite vendor.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on February 28th, 2005


1) Almost Babylon (8:23)
2) Chinese Leftovers (7:55)
3) Yesterday's Brain (7:45)
4) Crumbs (5:53)
5) Lesser Beings (3:34)
6) Misfit Toys (6:07)
7) Chimps in Space (13:05)

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