Artist/ Band: Helmet of Gnats
Title: A Helmet of Gnats
Label: Self release
Year of Release: 1996
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The Review:

Since 1996, Helmet of Gnats has recorded two albums, one entitled A Helmet of Gnats (of which Iíll talk about here) and their latest release from 2004, entitled II. The music on A Helmet Of Gnats debut is simply some of the best modern instrumental fusion Iíve heard so far . They do it with a 70's vibe without sounding retro which adds a sense of originality to the music. After repeated lists, I was amazed at how great and professional the musicianship these guys have. They need more recognition within the fusion world.

I must admit to being a newbie when it comes to fusion so please excuse my lack of knowledge to compare them to other bands. I can say that if one needs an introduction to modern fusion, Helmet of Gnats is a very good place to start. Plus youíll be supporting great independent music at the same time. You have a solid rhythm section of bassist - Nick Defala, and drummer -Nicola Vitiello along with stellar guitar playing (Chris Fox) that invokes some of the masters of the 70's. Then you have the keyboardist. Matt Bocchino that simply smokes. He can be as flashy as the best of them and subtle whenever needed.

The music ranges from funky to hard hitting fusion without crossing into the metal region that most modern instrumental bands tend to go. I enjoy the familiarity the music has. It was so easy to get into. This comes from someone who originally was into the simpler forms of progressive music. Itís bands like Helmet of Gnats that allow a personal musical growth for music fans such as myself. I canít recommend this enough to fans of new and classic progressive instrumental music. If you havenít picked up a copy. You owe your ears a great favor to get it ASAP!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on February 28th, 2005


1. Giant Picnic
2. Nathan Deacon's Brain
3. Ticks in the Field
4. The Happy Camper
5. Geezus Hoorendous
6. The Deer Hunter
7. Nitefighters
8. The Autopsy

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