Artist/ Band: Heavy Water Experiments
Title: Heavy Water Experiments
Label: Self release
Year of Release: 2008
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Formerly known as Imogene. Heavy Water Experiments emerges with a self titled debut. Just like Imogene the album is brought to fruitation by multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, David Melbye. Joining David, to make a full band sound is Roberto Salguero on drums. The sound is a continuation of the Imogene album combined with another Melbye band, Fuzz Beloved. Just like those bands, it features David’s use of eight-string and four-string bass along with his emotive vocals.

One thing I notice is that in the press release, the humor the band has by describing their sound as Pink Sabbath, Morphine and Radio Queens Of The Stone Head! With a description like that, you’d think it would result in a cluster of chaos. Well it does but in a very good way. The songs I’m drawn to every time I listen to this album are “Mirror The Sky” with it’s dreamy vocals on a heavy backbeat. The heavy psychedlic "Clairyoance" and the closer, “Book Colored Blue” which the former has a similarity to the Barrett-era Pink Floyd.

With that aforementioned self description, there’s really no need to go into what Heavy Water Experiments’ msuic would cater to, as it‘s very obvious. In the past year, I had the pleasure of reviewing albums of David’s other bands, Imogene & Fuzz Beloved, and I must say he came up with his best material on Heavy Water Experiments. This is probably one of 2008’s lesser known releases, which is sad because it’s a great album! Highly recommended? You got that right, man!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on Novemeber 16th, 2008


1. Goldenthroat
2. Mirror The Sky
3. Anodyne
4. Clairvoyance
5. Neverlove
6. Oracles
7. Octavian
8. Otherland
9. Dementia
10. Configuration Song
11. Solitude
12. Book Colored Blue

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