Artist/ Band: Fuzz Beloved
Title: Fuzz Beloved
Label: Delf release
Year of Release: 2007
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The Review:

Fuzz Beloved was a power trio from California who were active in the early 90's, who sound like they were inspired by early Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, Cream, Blue Cheer, etc. Up until now, the band never recorded any albums but recently the bass player/singer David (who's now in a band called Imogene) has made this album available to the public. It seemed that David felt it was the right time and I have to agree. to get this album out to the masses. They were ahead of their time with revisiting the early 70s rock sound. Their approach to the music is very similar to the bands on the Transubstans Records label but combining a more modern recording atmosphere.

Highlights for me are "Sweet Devil Child", "Dead Balloons", "Fleeting Planet Earth" "Upside Down Smile" and the longest and most experimental sounding track, "As If Were".These are the songs Im attracted to the most when I listen to the album not to undermine the rest. All are a wonderful trip (pun intended) down memory lane and showing that there still is free think inkers out there that are willing to suffer for their art rather than sell inferior mass produced products. I would recommend this to fans of the afore mentioned bands. Its a very enjoyable album!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on February 8th, 2008


1. Intro
2. Happy Communing
3. Xenia
4. Sweet Devil Child
5. Solipsism
6. Dead Balloons
7. Fleeting Planet Earth
8. Of Eden
9. Upside Down Smile
10. Wanderer X
11. Sun Charade
12. As It Were
13. Kiss My Brainchild

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