Artist/ Band: Habitat
Title: Baul Repleto De Sugerencias
Label: Self release
Year of Release: 2001
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The Review:

Habitat is an Argentinian prog based band. On their second release, a compilation of their music, Baul Releto De Sugerencias combines several different styles.

You can hear the relaxing ambient sounds of "Hay Otono En El Aire/There Is Autumn In The Air" and the piano based "Epopeya" has a haunting atmospheric setting. Although I don't understand the words, the voice fits so well with the music.

There are some song based prog with nods to mid-period Genesis on "Erosionado Gris/Grey Horizon" and "Mujer En El Camino/Woman On The Road".

Rounding up the styles is some symphonic prog which is best shown on the beautiful somber, "Luz De Vida/Life Light" and the rhythmic "El Canto De Las Cabezas Reducidas/The Chant of the Reduced Heads".

Baul Repleto De Sugerencias does take several listens to get used to the lyrics and the changing styles. Be forewarned that all the lyrics are sung in their native tongue, so it this bothers you then Habitat will not appeal to you.

Once you do you'll find that they are a welcomed addition to the South American prog scene. I look forward to hearing more from them soon.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on August 3rd, 2003


1. Hay Otono En El Aire/ There Is Autumn in the Air (ambient version) [4:43]
2. Erosionado/ Worn Down [6:27]
3. Horizonte Gris/ Grey Horizon [3:08]
4. Epopeya/ Epic [4:02]
5. Extracto De Una Entrevista En "La Llave Oculta" Durante/ Extract From An Interview* [2:52]
6. Luz De Vida/ Life Light [5:01]
7. Hay Ontono En El Aire/ The Autum Is In The Air [2:48]
8. Mujer En El Camino/ Woman on the Road [4:55]
9. Erosionado/ Worn Down (acoustic version)** [5:56]
10. El Canto De Las Cabezas Reducidas/ The Chant of te Reduced Heads [5:26]
* = at La Llave Oculta on Unplugged (December 11th, 1997)
** = at La Llave Oculta on Unplugged (June 16th, 1999)

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