Artist/ Band: Aldo Pinelli
Title: La Era De Melania
Label: HTT
Year of Release: 2011
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The Review:

This is the newest recording of ace guitarist, lute player and multi musician Aldo Pinelli of Buenos Aires, Argentina. He has been performing since 1990 and on this release, you can easily hear a lush beautiful fusion of what the more delicate and classically oriented Anthony Phillips and Richard Harvey (of Gryphon) might sound like. Simply gorgeous music! Also, if you love the 70's Italian classically injected heavenly music like Celeste and the sensual later instrumental era of Banco, you’ll be thankful for this. The title translates to ‘The Era Of Melania - Women, Places and Moments”.

You can immediately hear a superior musicianship and nod towards a classical and period music composer at work. Thus, the Celtic and old world references of Richard Harvey and Gryphon. The music is infectious. If Anthony Phillips had made this just after ‘Ghost and the Geese” then it would have been no surprise. The recording also has some various European folk styles mixed in from various periods to keep things always interesting. I can’t say I’ve been more pleased and happy to hear and own such a nice CD that I really had no clue what it sounded like before I first heard it. Good things come to those who love good things *s*

You’ll be rewarded with modern touches too, as the heavenly mostly acoustic trio of Aldo Pinelli (classical, acoustic, electric guitars, bajos, teclados, percussion and voice), Paula Dolcera (Flutes and cello), Silvia Pratolongo (wind chimes) along with other guests. There are some occasional vocals that really do remind of the classic Italian prog recordings so it’s icing on the cake. And it’s a very delicious many layered cake. And some songs just melt the stink off you after a bad day. Don’t let me leave out, that some of the music here has those pre epic old Genesis formats where Gabriel was playing flute and you were ready to get the soaring Hackett leads and nirvana ! (check the last song which is just over 13 minutes).

This is a total GEM!!! There is no wasted space here. Not one bad note. Not one bad song. Not one hint of even a bad second. Not one reason that anyone who loves any of the references I have given, would not LOVE LOVE LOVE this CD. Totally recommended and then some!!!!!

Reviewed by Lee Henderson on August 14th, 2011


01. Estudio 3 (Etude 3)
02. Para Silvia (For Silvia)
03. El vuelo de los patos salvajes (The Wild Duck's Flight)
04. La Olla, en La Cumbrecita
05. Pasaje 6 (Passage Six)
06. Etel, mi mamá (Etel, My Mom)
07. Rocío sobre las hojas (Dew on the Leaves)
08. Canción de Francesca (Francesca's Song)
09. Llegó el viento (Along Came The Wind)
10. Mientras el mar moja la arena (While the Sea Wets the Sand)
11. Danza 4: Española DANCE IV: (Spanish Dance)
12. Niebla (Mist)
13. Unos días en el bosque (Days in the Forest)
14. Enmendando para resarcir
15. Melania
16. Sendero secreto (Secret Path)
17. Bahía de Ushuaia (Ushuaia Bay)

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