Artist/ Band: Glass
Title: Spectrum Principle
Label: Musea
Year of Release: 2010
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I’ve had the extreme pleasure to have been able to be on the ground floor with the American progressive rock band, Glass. So far I’ve reviewed all of their studio albums and saw the progression from album to album. Glass is in every sense of the term, a progressive rock band. They got a second lease on life back in 2000 when they release a compilation of their works from the 70s called No Stranger To The Skies (Volume 1 & 2) and the following year a 3rd volume of mostly live recordings from the 70s. At this point, most bands would have sat on their laurels but Glass chose to forge ahead. .

In 2005, via Musea Records, Glass released their “debut” if you will of all new material on an album called Illuminations. With as much fire and spirit that they had in the 70s shows here. Again they chose not to rest on their laurels and in 2010 they release an album called Spectrum Principle. This could be deemed the band’s crowning achievement but I know they won’t rest there.

Every song on the album, is at a perfect length which to me makes the album easier to listen to. Sometimes bands feel the need to put as much material as possible on an album. I feel quality out weights quantity. One of the other constants in the band is the line-up which has been the same since their rebirth. Glass is and always will be Jeff Sherman (bass, guitars, keyboards), Greg Sherman (keyboards, piano, organ) and Jerry Cook (drums, percussion).

Spectrum Principle is one of those albums that requires the listener to take time out of life, to enjoy all the wonderful compositions. I can tell you that time does fly from the moment of the first note to the last and beckons you to relive the aural journey over and over. This is probably one of the most important albums I’ve ever had to review. It has links to the past but stays true to being a “progressing” rock band.

So in closing, if you’ve enjoyed what Glass has brought to the table with their “rebirth” (compilation albums) and the 2005 “debut”, then Spectrum Principle is a must have album. If I had to sum up Glass’ sound on this album, I’d say it’s a combination of structured compositions with a side of improvisation. I can’t wait for what this trio will bring on next. This album and band are highly recommended and an important part of the future of progressive rock.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on March 25th, 2011


01. Prism
02. Apathy
03. Empathy
04. Quest
05. Blue Wednesday
06. Saturation
07. Emptiness
08. Fullfillment
09. Spectrum In Principle
10. Awaken
11. Atonement
12. Edge
13. Hope
14. Destiny

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