Artist/ Band: Glass
Title: No Stranger To The Skies Volume III
Label: Relentless Pursuit Records
Year of Release: 2000
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On the third volume of No Stranger to the Skies, the boys feature more of their archival sessions (mostly live recordings from 1972-1977) which show a more energetic side of Glass. Heck, there's even a rare vocal track of a young (17 year old) Jeff Sherman which sounds great in my opinion. Jeff doesn't sound like any vocalist of that era which is quite refreshing. I told him that his vocals were very well done and he replied "I sound better, now". That makes me wonder if there's going to be any vocals on any new Glass recordings... Hmmm.

I can't strongly recommend Glass enough... I guess some would/ could classify me as a "fan-boy", I just think of myself as a connoisseur of fine music *grins*

Sadly it looks like odds are against me again to see Glass, still due to personal health reasons. So I hope they blow the festival away and show the world how vital Glass is to current and classic history... and to say we're here and here to stay!

I say this to, Jeff, Greg & Jerry "regardless of whether I'm there or not... I'll be there in spirit though and one day I'll get to see Glass live"

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on February 20th, 2002


1. Give The Man A Hand [6:40]
2. The Catch [10:19]
3. The Sunken City of Tufeltopia [6:05]
4. Christmastime in Bellport [2:55]
5. Black on White [4:54]
6. The Edge [4:48]
7. The Vanishing Point [3:27]
8. J'aime Vous/ Summer Smile [5:11]
9. Loving That We've Missed [3:47]
10. A Dorian Staircase [3:37]
11. The Wall [10:33]
12. Elmer the Dancing Bear [2:17]

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