Artist/ Band: Exploding Monsters
Title: Exploding Monsters
Label: Sci-Fri Music
Year of Release: 2004
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The Review:

Exploding Monsters is a duo consisting of George Martindell (electric & acoustic percussion), and Frank Sonsini (guitars, guitar synth, synthesizers). They create a electronic, ambient avant guard soundtrackish music. Some of the tracks sound like they can be mini soundtracks to imaginary horror or sci-fi movies. Most of the music is dark electronica vibe, while some have aggressive almost metal guitar parts. Basically they can create any sound for any mood. Even with it’s homemade look, the music and packaging has a very high quality.

Their music remind me of the soundtrack work of Fabio Frizzi and Goblin as well as Daemonia, Systems Theory, Ghosts of Pompeii, Zombi and Erik Norlander’s electronic work (Threshold and Seas Of Orion). Just remember that these are merely referential points to help you, the listener get a idea as to what style of music Exploding Monsters falls under

Most of the songs are under 5 minutes and yet feel more epic. There’s no one favorite song I have, because each song contains elements of music that I enjoy. Hopefully we’ll hear a lot more from Exploding Monsters. I know I will return often to this album for years to come. So if you enjoy the aforementioned bands then Exploding Monsters is a must own release!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on November 15th, 2005


1. Necessary Evil
2. Veil of Existence
3. Hallucigenia
4. The Truth in Evolution
5. Embalmed
6. Schizophrenic Statue
7. Epoch of Decay
8. Wonderous Strange
9. Le Predateur
10. Images of Conspiracy
11. Neander Thaw
12. Erotic Vapors
13. Dali in Delusion
14. When It All Ends in Fire

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