Artist/ Band: Changing Modes
Title: Down And Out In Shangri-la
Label: Self release
Year of Release: 2008
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The Review:

Changing Modes returns with their third and most ambitious album to date called ‘Down And Out In Shangri-la’ This time around the dive deeper into the art rock style to the point of going towards the progressive rock realm. The only difference between Changing Modes and their progressive rock counterparts is that they do their art without becoming excessively over-indulgent with long winded songs. With 10 songs that blend style of an energetic vibe of The B-52’s combined with a psychedelic sound found in early Pink Floyd. This formula of Changing Modes’ music makes the genre popular again especially in their native NYC.

Musically I noticed that there’s more complex and angular feel to ‘Down And Out In Shangri-la‘, enough that will please fans of art driven music especially some of the harder to please progressive rock fans (me excluded). The band is still David Oromaner (drummer/vocalist), Yuzuru Sadashige (guitarist/bassist), Wendy Griffiths (keyboardist/singer) and Camille Atkinson (vocals).

My favorites of the bunch are “Shangri-la” and “Someone Anyone”, which show the band’s more complex nature. The first displays the angular side while the second shows the artistic psychedelic side. To me this band is taking past elements of art and progressive rock and forming a new outlook to older ideas. I can’t recommend ‘Down and Out in Shangri-La’ enough to fans of the afore mentioned bands as well as fans of intelligently crafted music.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on May 31st, 2008


1. Off the Radar
2. Shangri-la
3. No Fly Zone
4. Race the Wave
5. Ship
6. Blue Tomorrow
7. Blue Light
8. Gate/He Walks in Darkness
9. Vital Signs
10. Someone Anyone

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