Artist/ Band: Changing Modes
Title: A Perfect Day
Year of Release: 2003
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The Review:

Changing Modes is vastly becoming a very important band in the modern NYC music scene but their sound takes you back to those early days when the NYC scene was at it's height. I hate to say, but if the back started back in 1977, they would be legends today but with the current state of the music ‘business’ they’ll only achieve cult status, which I don’t think the band will mind especially with heir following in the NYC area.

Last year around this time, I reviewed the latest album by New York’s Changing Modes called Aeroplane. The band liked my review enough for them to send me their debut album from 2003 called, A Perfect Day. It contained the same players as Aeroplane, Wendy Griffiths (keyboards & vocals), Yuzuru Sadashige (guitar & bass), David Oromaner (drums) and Christie Williams (vocals).

Just like “Aeroplane“, the sound of ‘A Perfect Day’ is rooted in a blend the new wave art-rock scene of the late 70’s/ early 80's. As previously stated, I keep thinking of what would happen if you blend the Sparks and Thinking Plague together. There’s also elements of Blonde, Talking Heads, Zappa and so much more to make up the unique sound of Changing Modes' music.

All the songs are between the 2 to 3 minute mark which in my opinion works rather well. They never overstay their welcome with long jamming. It’s all punchy, quirky, melodic and very fun to listen to every time. If you liked “Aeroplane”, you need to get “A Perfect Day” too! So what are you waiting for?!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on January 10th, 2007


1. Ear
2. Sideshow Friends and Movie Stars
3. Pretty Vacant
4. Undertow
5. A Perfect Day
6. Ring of Fire
7. My Little Friend
8. Golden Temple
9. Thin Blue Line
10. Flying
11. Great
12. Infinitely Blue
13. Golden

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