Artist/ Band: Cabezas De Cera
Title: Un Segundo
Label: Self release
Year of Release: 2002
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The Review:

CDC's second release, appropriately entitled, "...un segundo" continues where they left off on the music they created within their first cd. In fact they're more mature and vastly wilder sounding.

I still describe them as an enthic bordering on world music combined with the Discipline-era (mainly) King Crimson. By mixing some Mexican themes as well as spoken word (in Spanish) they created another wonderful body of work. I should mention that new to their sound is a didgeridoo played by Ramses.

In summary, if you liked their frst cd and their performance at BajaProg then I'd surely recommend you getting "...un segundo".

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on September 13, 2003


1. parabus [0:24]
2. Intro [4:22]
3. puente [0:25]
4. Cosmica [3:46]
5. velocidad maxima [0:13]
6. In Statu [4:10]
7. tranvia [0:29]
8. En camino [5:28]
9. Elementos [5:37]
10. camino sinsouso [1:01]
11. Escapista [5:16]
12. Balun Canan [5:46]
13. linea continua [0:13]
14. Mil noches [5:30]
15. Retorno [4:14]

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