Artist/ Band: Cabezas de Cera
Title: Cabezas de Cera
Label: Self release
Year of Release: 2001
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Cabezas de Cera are a instrumental trio hailing from Mexico City. Their songs are laced with some spoken word, in spanish of course and it comes off really well within each song structure and for those interested, the song lengths range between the 4-5+ minute mark.

On their debut CD, the band has produced a very energized sound without sacrificing their prog roots and it's very hard to classify this band as I never heard anything like them before.

In some places I can hear some King Crimson influences, especially with Mauricio's Fripp-like guitar playing, and other parts sound very modern without falling into the "neo-prog" category, a label which seems to be very taboo these days even by the founders of the genre.

I think that those attending this year's BajaProg will be in for a big treat with Cabezas de Cera.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on February, 14, 2002


1. Vientiunos [5:40]
2. Cocxilla [5:30]
3. Encantador De Serpientes [5:47]
4. Un Peublo Escondido [5:47]
5. Caravana [4:40]
6. Pretexto A Un Texto Fragmentado [4:30]
7. Gitana [3:04]
8. Fronterra [6:04]
9. Al Aire [6:05]

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