Artist/ Band: Brother Ape
Title: Shangri-la
Label: Progress Records
Year of Release: 2006
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The Review:

The Swedish Brother Ape, now a trio returns in 2006 with Shangri-La. The band was reduced to a trio when lead vocalist Peter Dahlstrom left the band, Aside from that there’s minor differences in the sound. I noticed less of a diversity and more strength in the symphonic side they explored on the first release. There are also more musical evidence of their influences, where as you can hear and pinpoint Genesis passages in some songs. Some can be hear in the opening track “New Shangri-La” and closing track “Shangri-La“, which both have a strong Steve Hackett vibe.

Brother Ape, as mentioned previously, now a trio consisting of guitarist Stefan Damicolas who also does some keyboard parts, is also now the lead vocalist, similar in ways to Andrew Latimer’s vocal range. Joining Stefan are Max Bergman (drums) and Gunnar Maxén (bass, keyboards, vocals).

I really don’t have a favorite song on this CD because simply they all sound good to me. I like this CD on whole better than their first one. It just flows a lot better to my ears. Brother Ape has the potential to becoming a name that will be remembered pleasurably in decades to come. They’re top notch symphonic progressive with leanings toward the neo side with some fusion and rock elements thrown in for good measure. This is one CD that I will be returning to quite often so I would classify it as a recommended purchase.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on December 24th, 2006


1. New Shangri-La (6:03)
2. Lunatic Kingdom (6:01)
3. Umbrellas (2:13)
4. Inside You (5:11)
5. Beams (6:38)
6. Monasteries Of Meteora (4:32)
7. I'll be Going (5:48)
8. Tweakhead (2:05)
9. A Reason To Wake (3:11),
10. Meatball Tour (5:43)
11. Timeless For The Timebeing (7:45)
12. Shangri-La (2:35)

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