Artist/ Band: Believe
Title: World Is Round
Label: Metal Mind Productions
Year of Release: 2010
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The Review:

I have to admit to not really being all that familiar with Believe. I had 2008ís Yesterday Is A Friend Of Mine at one time, but sold it off as I made a promise to me (and my wife) that I would get rid of any disc(s) that I could live without. Believe isnít a bad band by any stretch of the imagination. Nothing really grabs me by the throat. So, when the opportunity to review their new album, World Is Round, presented itself, I thought Iíd give them one more chance. Mixed reviews, Iím afraid.

Iíve listened to this about three or four times, and although the music is very solid with good execution and deep production, I find it a bit too 2 dimensional for my tastes as it pertains to progressive music. Darker prog isnít necessarily lost on me. I enjoy Riverside and Porcupine Tree quite a lot. What separates bands like that from Believe is there are variations that distinguish one song from the next. What Iíve heard from Believe just doesnít set them apart. Push the envelope a little bit.

ďCut Me, Paste MeĒ is a very interesting and heavy track, which could be my favorite because they do switch things up a bit. The same goes with ďGuruĒ, with its middle eastern landscapes painted by violinist Satomi. Iíd like to hear more of this, which has that dark tone, but has a bit more character. ďNew HandsĒ is a lot less sinister and more melodic and sweet, which is a nice switch. I enjoy this song a lot.

If youíre familiar and can appreciate Believe, then Iím sure youíll enjoy this disc. Itís just not something that I would actively seek out. I can appreciate what theyíre trying to accomplish, and maybe they have to some listeners. With me, however, I just donít hear anything that harnesses my attention. Iíll continue to listen and maybe one day itíll click with me. Now, however, Iím still searching with Believe.

Reviewed by Eric Walker on December 11th, 2010


01. World Is Round - Part 1 (0:34)
02. No Time Inside (5:16)
03. World Is Round - Part 2 (4:27)
04. Cut Me Paste Me (2:48)
05. Lay Down Forever (5:52)
06. Bored (4:20)
07. So Well (4:46)
08. Guru (4:54)
09. New Hands (5:58)
10. Poor King Of Sun/Return (9:55)

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