Artist/ Band: Believe
Title: Hope To See Another Day
Label: Galileo Records
Year of Release: 2006
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The Review:

Believe, is a new band from Polish guitarist, Marek Gil (Collage), and their debut release "Hope to See Another Day" through Galileo Records contains eight tracks of melodic complex modern progressive rock. The main difference between the bands is that Believe sounds much more progressive, in my opinion, than Collage. Not knocking Collage but Believe is a forward thinking band. The evidence is the inclusion of violin on many tracks which to me gives a more dynamic feel. The other is the modern rock vibe throughout the songs.

I have listened to the CD many times and found the first song, What is Love, Donít Tell Me and the title track are the standout tracks that I think are what the band is all about. The music has a darker edge similar in many ways to fellow Polish band, Riverside and German band Sylvan.

"Hope to See Another Day" is by far one of my favorite releases from 2006 even though itís half way through 2007. I think fans of the afore mentioned bands Riverside and Sylvan will need this CD in their collection as soon as possible. Those expecting something like Collage or Satellite may be disappointed. With that said, Iíd highly recommend this album.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on May 24th, 2007


1. What Is Love (7:38)
2. Needles In My Brain (5:20)
3. Liar (6:56)
4. Pain (5:13)
5. Seven Days (6:07)
6. Coming Down (6:04)
7. Don't Tell Me (5:29)
8. Hope to see another Day (11:55)

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