Artist/ Band: Ayreon
Title: Ayreonauts Only
Label: Transmission Records
Year of Release: 2000
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The Review:

Ayreonauts Only is a collection alternative unreleased version of popular Ayreon song but sung by different singers. Plus there's a preview track from Arjen's new project, Ambeon. Starting out the cd is songs from Flight of the Migrator, one of which is a personal favorite, "Into The Black Hole". Originally this was sung by Iron Maiden vocalist Bruce Dickenson but on this version the vocals are shared by Damian Wilson and Lana Lane. As much as I like Bruce, this version is the better sounding in my opinion.

Also on Ayreonauts Only are some demos where Arjen does all the instruments and vocals. Arjen has a very unique voice and I wished he'd feature it more.

Another standout track is "Temple of the Cat". This version is mostly acoustic and fetures Ambeon's vocalist, Astrid Van Der Veen. I have to agree with the liners as this is the best recorded version.

I'm always at awe when a band can showcase some different versions & demo cuts of their songs. Sometimes it's good for the "fans" to get to hear the origins of songs.

Plus to go along with the great music, there's some fun reading in the liner notes by Arjen.

I'm sure that most Ayreon fans have this but I'd recommend this to anyone that likes melodic hard rocking progressive music. Complex music? not here but that doesn't matter because it's good music and good music needs to be heard by all. Ayreon is one of my favorite bands today and I'm always ready to recommend them to newbies.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on May 3rd, 2003


1. Into The Black Hole [10:46]
2. Out of the White Hole [7:12]
3. Through The Wormhole [6:34]
4. Carpe Diem (Chaos) [4:15]
5. Temple of the Cat [3:07]
6. Original Hippie's Amazing Trip [6:38]
7. Beyond The Last Horizon [5:34]
8. The Charm of The Seer [3:30]
9. Eyes of Time [5:10]
10. Nature's Dance [2:33]
11. Cold Metal [7:10]

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