Artist/ Band: Art Cinema
Title: Art Cinema
Label: Marvel Of Beauty Records
Year of Release: 2008
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Art Cinema is a vocal based band formed by Robin Taylor along with Michael Denner in 2007, following their collaboration on the Taylor's Universe album Soundwall. In July 2008, the self titled debut album by Art Cinema was released on Robin Taylor's own Marvel of Beauty label. Unlike Robin's previous work (solo and his ‘Taylor’s Universe, Taylor’s Free Universe), Art Cinema has a more accessible almost mainstream appeal about it. Not quite mainstream, as the compositions are beyond what any mainstream artist is capable of. Joining Robin and Michael are Jytte Lindberg & Louise Nipper (vocals), Carsten Sindvald (saxes), Jon Hemmers am (guitar), Flemming Muus Tranberg (bass) and Bjarne T. Holm (drums).

From the opening tune “White Frozen”, displaying cold haunting vocals over warm melodic soundscape, (which is quite fitting for the upcoming winter months here in New England or anywhere that it snows), I got hooked in. There are two ballads on this debut that are simply beautiful, “Climb My Ladder” and “Dreaming of Metamorphosis”. In fact, if Robin were to release any singles from this album, these would be the best choices.

Most songs are under 6 minutes except “What Am I Doing Here?“, which has a very familiar sound to it, maybe Hotel California? and the perfectly titled “Last Day of Summer”. It’s a nice somber piece that slowly builds with a beautiful sax solo. Both by the tone and obvious title, marks the end of summer and a perfect way to end this album.

Being an instant favorite band of mine, I really hope that Art Cinema puts out more great music as presented here on the debut. Highly recommended to fans of the more arty female progressive rock bands.. Oh heck, to anyone that enjoys well crafted music, I’d also recommend this highly!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on November 9th, 2008


1. White Frozen
2. World of Shadows
3. Climb My Ladder
4. What Am I Doing Here?
5. Crimson Night
6. Dreaming of Metamorphosis
7. Last Day of Summer

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