Artist/ Band: Alias Eye
Title: In Focus
Label: Quioxte
Year of Release: 2007
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The Review:

The new Alias Eye album, In Focus, seems to be scaled down in song length and the keyboard department with using what appears to be vintage instruments. That’s not a complaint, in fact it’s nice to see a prog band doing that rather than inflating the songs with useless filler. Another difference is the harder edge sound in the guitars which sets Alias Eye apart from Phillip‘s other band Poor Genetic Material.

The songs on In Focus are clearly more catchy and streamlined than the previous releases but follow in their traditions quite well. The band also has crossed into other territories with the new found hard-edge thus spreading their wings. One thing I have a problem with in most modern prog bands is they stay with in a ‘safe” zone which is odd for the genre.

Over the years of reviewing, I’ve come to a conclusion that it doesn’t have to fit a label or genre in order to be good. Alias Eye while not complex prog rock, is a refreshing look at the hard rock scene that disappeared in the late 70‘s. That scene seems to be almost akin to it‘s progressive rock cousins, nowadays they‘re estranged. If you enjoy the more melodic accessible progressive rock, then please pick up a copy of Alias Eye‘s In Focus. It‘s certainly a welcomed addition to my collection!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on February 28th, 2007


1. I'm Your Lie 4:37
2. In Denial 3:45
3. The Call 4:03
4. Enlighten Them 4:01
5. Books 2:30
6. History Lesson 3:44
7. Rhodesian Rhapsody 4:21
8. Hold On 4:15
9. To Be or Not to Be 3:48
10. Falling 4:25
11. How we Perceive 4:14

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