Artist: Alias Eye

Title: A Different Point of You

Label: DVS Records
Year of Release: 2003

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1. A Clown's Tale
2. Fake the Right
3. Your Other Way
4. Icarus Unworded
5. The Usual Routine
6. Drifting
7. On The Fringe
8. The Great Open
9. Too Much Toujouse

The Review:

German based Alias Eye’s second release (first for DVS Records) A Different Point of You, captures different styles within the progressive music genre. The songs are very catchy and you’ll find yourself humming along with the music even after the cd is done.

The music has some interesting instruments in addition to the traditional guitar, bass, drums & keyboards. Those instruments are contrabass, saxophone and they even have an old fashioned accordion which is rather unusual choices for rock based music. To me this adds to the progressive labelling.

Vocalist Philip Griffiths has a nice powerful voice, it fits the songs very much. He even sounds like Damian Wilson in parts. The rest of the band is top notch with keyboards done by Vytas Lemke. He just adds to the overall sound without going over the top like most keyboard players in prog. The rhythm section, Ludwig Benedek (drums) and Frank Fischer (bass)provide the backbone of the songs. Matthias Richter’s guitar arrangements are absolutely fluid with no unnecessary solos or heavy chugga-chugga riffs.

One of my favorites of this CD are ‘The Great Open’, which starts off like a soft ballad and grows into a fantasic symphonic delight with heavy guitars, no metal just heavy.

This is such a very good CD, with beautifully crafted songs which shows Alias Eye as rising force in the progressive genre. This is a must have for all lovers of good progressive music. So, contact your local prog dealer and purchase this excellent CD.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on January 13th, 2004

NOTE: This album is Out Of Print. You can find a copy here while supply lasts.

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