Artist/ Band: Al Garcia
Title: All Things Must Converge
Label: Wandlar Productions
Year of Release: 2011
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The Review:

It’s a totally safe bet if you like Allan Holdsworth that you will like this. At times, even the most astute Holdsworth fan will not be able to tell the difference. If not for the slight mixing of Pat Metheny influence, it would be a slam dunk. Al Garcia sure can burn the frets when he chooses to. With All Things Must Converge, his third release, Garcia brings a tight meticulous showcase of guitar skills and get this, he also plays all the other instruments as well. If one did not know, they’d swear he had a backing band. I found everything to be strong except the drums, which I felt where a bit stiff, choked and short sighted. Not bad by any means, just would have loved a hot drummer guested on the this recording. When a musician plays all the instruments on their own project, you often have some great stuff on some instruments, but a giving away on others. Much of the percussion is done electronically, but does not take away from the flowing feel of the CD. You have great soaring guitar solo as melody in many of the songs. In other words, the lead sings in this all instrumental feast.

Al was born in Newark, NJ and began playing bass guitar at age 13 . He was inspired by Jack Bruce and Felix Papalardi, later adding guitarists like John McLaughlin and Allan Holdsworth. Al took interest in everything from Jazz, Classical, and Indian music over the years. You can hear just how broad the influence is on All Things Must Converge (and they do). Besides what I have already mentioned, I heard snippets of The Enid, Gentle Giant, and Brand X.

All Things Must Converge is a very well done multiple instrumental CD done by a gifted musician who is exquisite on lead guitar, excellent on bass, creative on percussion, and adequate on drum kit. Most will not hear any detractions at all. The songs flow, and the music of each song flows. The composition skills are super. The CD is a very pleasant listen. This will totally satisfy any Holdsworth fan. I look forward to more music from this guy. Although I know the feeling of being comfortable with complete control of your own music, I’d especially like to see him with other musicians because it might lend him some more ideas, and the “feel” of his music would have a chance to breathe some new life.

UPDATE! I just found out Al Garcia indeed does have a band now called Continuum. I would love to hear them and maybe I will get a chance to review their CD as well.

Reviewed by Lee Henderson on April 26th, 2011


01. Labyrinth [7:26]
02. The Eternal Cycle [7:17]
03. Lingua Franca [5:55]
04. A Distant Mirror [5:57]
05. Two Shakes [4:22]
06. As Luck Would Have It [4:16]
07. I've Been Known [5:13]
08. Simulacra [7:41]

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