Artist/ Band: Al Garcia
Title: Alternate Realities
Label: Wandlar Productions
Year of Release: 2006
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The Review:

Alternate Realities is my first exposure to the music of Al Garcia, and his second release. I havenít had the pleasure of listening to his debut but I can tell you that Al Garcia is going to be a household name within the fusion genre. He is one of the more proficient multi-instrumentalists Iíve had the pleasure of hearing. Al Garcia also has musicians to help flesh out his instrumental compositions that reminds me of the 70's greats such as Bill Bruford, Happy the Man, Weather Report, Caldera as well as newer acts like Helmet of Gnats and Carl Hupp.

Al Garciaís guitar playing is very much on par with Alan Holdsworth and his bass playing could be compared to any one of the greats past and present. Along with his fusion influences, Al also has some progressive rock influences too such as ELP and Yes to name a few.

Iíve only been exposed to fusion based music for a few years now and donít know a lot about the genre but so far Iíve been lucky to hear some excellent music. Al Garcia can be counted along with them. I would recommend that all fusion fans get Alternate Realities today. Oh you can also hear for yourself over at Alís page at if you need further convincing!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on September 9th, 2006


1. Alternate Realities
2. Turning Point
3. The Red Queen's Race
4. Secret Correspondences
5. Materia Prima
6. Three of a Kind
7. The Pleasures of Progress
8. A Place In The Sun

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