Artist/ Band: 4Front
Title: Gravity
Label: Spec Records
Year of Release: 1998 (2002 re-issue)
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The Review:

4front is New York's own instrumental progressive rock power trio, done much in the vien of Rush and Liquid Tension Experiment combined with some original jazzy sounds as well. Earlier this year I had the extreme pleasure of reviewing their 2nd cd, "Radio Waves Goodbye".

After many listens, I found that their 1st cd, "Gravity" to be the more superior of the two, both in compostiion & execution. "Gravity" was originally released in 1998 but this version was released in 2002 with a bonus track "Acid Cowboy".

Reviewed By Ron Fuchs on October 26th, 2002


1. Prelude [1:30]
2. The Front [5:14]
3. Gravity [5:08]
4. Turbulence [2:59]
5. Gearth [4:41]
6. Home [4:47]
7. Blur [5:11]
8. Interlude [1:25]
9. Space and Time [6:51]
10. Dr. Chicken (or: How We Learned To To Stop Worrying and Love The Studio) [8:23]
11. Jamon [4:01]
12. Ultraviolence [2:43]
13. A Dying Wsh [7:28]

Bonus Track:

14. Acid Cowboy [4:21]

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