Artist/ Band: 4Front
Title: Radio Waves Goodbye
Label: Spec Records
Year of Release: 2001
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The Review:

4Front is progressive rock trio from New York scene. They blend traditional progressive rock with a song oriented structure.

All the music on "Radio Waves Goodbye" are intsrumental with the exception of "Space Oddity 2001", yes the David Bowie song fused with the Peter Schilling song "Major Tom". This peice is a very dramatic departure from the original peice but it does remain faithful with Zak (Guitar/keyboards) providing the vocals. According to the band's website, the first "six" songs comprise an epic called "little movie", which comes off really well.

These three musician combine elements of fusion, rock, prog and symphonic to make what I think is a very well done body of work, so far. Drummer Joe Bergamini is fantastic as Frank the bassist.

With the proper exposure 4Front are one to look out for either as a live or soundtrack band.

I recommend this band for fans of Rush, Joe Satriani and fans of instrumental music in general.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on March 29th, 2002


01. Airtime [1:59]
02. Tunnel Vision [5:54]
03. Hideaway [3:20]
04. Special Patrol Group [3:00]
05. Space Oddity 2001 [6:32]
06. Burial At Sea [5:10]
07. Fuse [4:03]
08. Learning To Crawl [5:52]
09. 747 [2:20]
10. Memories of Kansas [5:54]
11. Descent [5:22]
12. Radio Waves Goodbye [4:34]

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