Artist/ Band: Zen Rock And Roll
Title: End Of The Age
Label: Progrock Records
Year of Release: 2002
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The Review:

Another entry for a one-man progressive band out there today. Jonathon Saunders seems to do it better than most by touching on all genres of progressive music from ambient to almost metal while maintaining a modern focused sound. Most modern progressive bands make a long song that usually is dull with being repeative after the first 5 or so minutes. Not here! Jonathon does some wonderful instrumentation that makes each track not feel long at all, which is always a great thing.

Like progressive bands of the past, each of the three songs on End of the Age takes you on a journey for both your ears and mind. Once the CD ends, you find yourself hitting the repeat button to restart the journey. With many epic songs, I always tend to look at the time or the clock and wonder when this song will be over but not here.

I really don't have a favorite since I enjoy each track but there are some moments in "Copernican Principle" that blow me away. For the most part, Jonathon's vocals remind me of Bowie (Ziggy Stardust). This is a refreshing thing since most prog bands feel they need to have their Gabriel, Collins, Anderson or Lake clone in order to be recognized as "prog". The only downside that I can see is the name Zen Rock And Roll, may hold Jonathon back from more audiences. But having said that if you can get past the name, you are truly in for a BIG treat here. Highly recommended!

Reviewed By Ron Fuchs On August 3rd, 2003


01. Copernican Principle [18:23]
02. From Melting Made [10:30]
03. End of the Age [16:20]

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