Artist/ Band: Yes
Title: Keystudio
Label: Sanctuary
Year of Release: 2001
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In 1996 and 1997, the classic Yes that is Wakeman, Howe, Anderson, Squire and White got into the studio to supplement their recent live reunion recordings with some new material. This CD is a compilation of all those studio tracks from the two Keys to Ascension recordings. Although, chronologically placed between 1994’s Talk and 1997’s Open Your Eyes, it’s esthetically centered squarely in the Going for the One/Tormato era. While not as strong perhaps as some of Yes’ most classic material, it is still refreshing to hear the band play with these wonderful sound spectrums and beauty like they have not since the glory days.

Of the seven wonderful prog tunes, there are two almost 20 minute epics here. “Mind Drive” starts powerfully with a march-like beat and features a laid-back groove in the middle. It then winds up maniacally like some of the best music from 1974’s Relayer. “That, That Is” contains some excellent guitar work of the returning Steve Howe. I also enjoy “Children of the Light” and “Bring Me to the Power.” This song sounds a bit like the 80s/Rabin-led Yes.

Keystudio (along with 2001’s Magnification) is the strongest collection of progressive rock songs in the modern-day Yes canon. Although occasionally portraying a loss of strong melody and the sense of “catchiness” they use to possess, it is still great prog and even now kicks it over much of what is being released today in the world of modern progressive rock. And this from the supposed “dinosaurs!” Recommended if you are a fan of classic Yes and need yet another fix.

Reviewed by Terry Jackson on July 13th, 2011


01. Foot Prints (9:09)
02. Be The One (9:51)
03. Mind Drive (18:38)
04. Bring Me To The Power (7:25)
05. Sign Language (3:29)
06. That, That is (19:15)
07. Children Of The Light (6:34)

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