Artist/ Band: Voyager
Title: I Am The Revolution
Label: Dockyard 1
Year of Release: 2009
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The Review:

1. Who is the band? What is their history? What motivates them?

“Hailing from Perth, Western Australia, VOYAGER transgresses the boundaries of metal and rock music, creating a unique atmosphere of unforgettable melodies, heaviness, virtuosity and entertainment. The sonic voyage guides the listener through emotions, landscapes and distant tales, which ultimately form a truly intense audio experience

What VOYAGER stands for: VOYAGER's music is an extremely diverse venture, with melody and structure always being at the top of the priority list. Be it power, gothic, dark or even black metal music which the songs draw inspiration from, the end result is always a unique and tasteful interpretation. Virtuosity, neo-classicism, atmosphere and grooves are just some key terms which describe VOYAGER's style of metal (Voyager’s MySpace Page 2009).”

2. Why did they make this album? What was the passion or message that forced them to produce what they have? Or, simply what was their motivation for the themes they chose for this album?

Their latest release to keep the base happy and expand the audience.

3. What message are they delivering through their lyrics and music?

1. Land of the Lies – Very cool synth lead – up to the whisper, “I am the Revolution!” Then those A- Ha sounding vocals and powerful guitars and drums building rhythm with the background synths. Very cool opening. “Keep it strong, keep it true to yourself don’t you lose!” “Don’t give in to the pressure of sin.” A rocking blaster to get things off to a fast start. One of the best songs on the album. The synthesizer and drums will bring back strong memories of the best of Dream Theater, but this is original not a copy.

2. Common Ground – Slow opening, with some of the best synthesizer sounds I have heard this year. Then the drums and guitars kick in to speed up the tempo. “For something we have lost, for something we have found.” The guitar solos are unique and the drums really bring the power. Another powerful song.

3. Lost – Heavy guitars and drums with supporting synths in the background. This one really brings out those A – Ha sounding vocals. But the heavy guitar and drums will remind you its Voyager. “And I am lost in this world of sensation.” “I am lost in the overflow.” Not a bad song yet. The backing synths are very good throughout these first three songs. Searing guitar to end this one.

4. The Devil in Me – More great keys and synths. The driving drums and guitar. The A – Ha vocals are strong here again. Everyone is obsessed with Twilight the movie and vampires in general, and this is right in synch for the movie’s release this year.

5. Close Your Eyes – Very nice synth and drum rhythm here as the guitars kicks in to bring full power. Great guitar riffs and drums supporting with heavy beats. The guitar solos are some of the best on the album. “Time they say will hide all the wounds.”

6. Total Existence Failure – Fast riffing guitars and drums roar this to life. “Why be afraid of being swallowed by the sea?” Remove fear and live your life to its fullest. The guitars and drums really punctuate the power and then the synths are added just to make this everything I wanted to hear from Dream Theater. But it’s their own material. No copies here. It is original and fast moving. We’re already half way through the album. “One more day and one more night, there’s no end in our sight.”

7. Straight to the Other Side – Very cool synth opens this before guitar and a drum rhythm propels it into another zone. Kinda of a Blue Oyster Cult, Don’t Fear… theme to this one, with heavy drums and guitar.

8. In My Arms – The A – Ha vocals really are at their height here as this one opens with vocals and quiet synths in the background. The ballad. “And she weeps, now she’s laughing, then she sighs into my arms.” A slow down from the fast paced run of the first part of the album. Strings, quiet drums, piano and guitar in the background building the drama.

9. Times Like These – Drum salute intro and then guitars as the best song on the album begins. “Close all the doors; we cannot live an open life anymore.” “The threat of action is too much to ignore.” “Don’t try to tell me this has happened before.” The key and synth solos in the middle are wonderful. You just wish they could last longer before the pounding drums and searing guitars come in. The guitar solo is also special.

10. On the Run from the World – Guitar and drums open this one. Now the rhythm begins to sound too closely like the rest of the album. This one is maybe one too many down a similar path. Good synths, guitar and drums. Maybe an instrumental would have fit better. Kind of a let all the horses run from the barn song would have fit better, IMHO. In parts of the song you get these nice solos. But here the rhythm stays the same.

11. Without a Sign – Very cool opening to this one. The synths and lone vocals really bring the drama and power. Another powerful short song. Great drums and eerie synths with supporting female vocal sounds moving directly into the epic.

12. I am the Revolution – The epic and title song. “I am the Revolution.” The quiet opening and then the stunning drum and guitar run beginning to whip things back up again. The simulated bouncing off vocals of almost whispered speech and the A – Ha lead vocals is a great match. Great song. Second best on the album. The synths, drums and guitar pulling together in momentum to really drive home the refrain and power of the entire album into a climax.

4. Does this music improve, change, or add to the genre? What does the listener receive from listening to the music?

Solid album of all original material which really rocks. This is the album I wish Dream Theater had made. But now I found another band to listen to while they go off on their own direction.

It goes by too quickly, but the pace moves so well it catches you up in the rhythm. Would be cool to see this live. Hope they make it to the States some day. Also very good in the car.

5. Does it have longevity? Is it something a fan will like to play again and again?

Ron Fuchs reviewed their Element V album back in 2005, and he gave it a thumbs up. We look forward more to this band as Australia begins to assert itself as a new innovative place to find progressive rhythms!

Yes, I still play it often and Times Like These will probably make my favorite songs of 2009 list this year.

Rating: 8/10 – Few of the songs continue the synth, drum, and guitar rhythm too far, but overall a very strong album. They are now on my watch list.

Reviewed by Prof on December 1st, 2009


01. Land Of Lies
02. Common Ground
03. Lost
04. The Devil In Me
05. Close Your Eyes
06. Total Existence Failure
07. Straight To The Other Side
08. In My Arms
09. Times Like These
10. On The Run From The World
11. Without A Sign
12. I Am The Revolution

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