Artist/ Band: Under-Radio
Title: Under-Radio
Label: Lion Music
Year of Release: 2002
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"A slightly progressive rock/metal adventure from US guitarist Eric Zimmerman. Features Fates Warning drummer Mark Zonder and Matt Bissonette. Great vocals and songriting that will please fans of all kinds of metal and progressive rock" - Lion Music

Very quirky, fun and slightly unbalanced collection of songs. Sometimes it sounds, musically, like 80's when there was a bunch of metal bands like Ludachrist, Scatterbrain and others which names escape me.

Eric surrounds himself with great musicians but it wold be great for the ears if he would stick with just one style.

Reviewed By Ron Fuchs on September 27th, 2002


1. Acrobat [6:42]
2. Spinning Wheels [4:04]
3. How Was the Funeral? [2:27]
4. Swing It! [3:57]
5. Elmer's Revenge [3:56]
6. Every Time [4:24]
7. Lifeline [5:14]
8. Bigger Fish to Fry [3:00]
9. Drinking Blood [5:38]

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