Artist/ Band: Tinyfish
Title: One Night On Fire: Live In Poland
Label: Metal Mind Productions
Year of Release: 2009
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The Review:

Tinyfish are a relatively unknown band that were involved in the two day Prog Rock Festival in Poland, last February. The result is a DVD entitled One Night On Fire: Live In Poland, which is my first exposure to the wonderful band. From what Iíve heard, Tinyfish are part of the new breed of melodic progressive rock Tinyfish is fronted by Simon Godfrey (brother to Jem Godfrey of Frost*). Joining Simon are Robert Ramsay (narrator), Leon Camfield (drums, electronics), Jim Sanders (guitar) and Paul Worwood (bass). Thereís an obvious absence of a keyboard player, but the sounds are courtesy of Simon.

One Night On Fire is the perfect introduction to the band for people such as myself. Itís also something essential for the established fan base of Tinyfish. With each time I view this DVD, I find it to be very enjoyable. So much that I need to get the bandís studio catalog and perhaps others will feel the same way after watching the DVD.. Not everyone can attend all the festivals around the world so, watching a concert DVDs are really the next best thing.

I would recommend Tinyfish for fans of the melodic side of progressive rock only. So if youíre seeking complex time signatures, youíll need to look elsewhere. Thereís no new groundbreaking music here aside from a narrator adding to the content of some songs. The overall sound of the band is on par with early 90ís progressive rock bands like Jadis, IQ as well as similar bands of that era. In fact Iíd say they perfect this and really the only redeeming quality of the genre. (This DVD comes in two versions, DVD only and a DVD/CD set. Depending on how much you enjoy the band, will dictate which version to purchase. )

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on February 7th, 2010


01. Honey Nut Loops
02. Motorville
03. The Big Red Spark
04. Build Your Own Enemy
05. Wide Awake At Midnight
06. Eat The Ashes
07. The Sarcasm Never Stops
08. Ride
09. Driving All Night
10. Too High For Low Company
11. Cinnamon
12. Fly Like a Bird
13. Nine Months On Fire music video
14. All Hands Lost

Bonus material:

  • photo gallery, biography, desktop images and more!
  • an interview with Simon Godfrey and Rob Ramsay
  • 'Five Lives On Fire' documentary

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