Artist/ Band: Time's Forgotten
Title: Dandelion
Label: Self release
Year of Release: 2009
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Time’s Forgotten returns after three years with a follow-up to their debut, A Relative Moment Of Peace’ called ‘Dandelion‘. The band continues to evolve beyond a typical progressive metal sound with some elements of folk, electronica, industrial, world and ethnic music. While Time’s Forgotten is mostly rooted within the progressive metal genre, they go beyond the text book style progressive metal that was popularized primarily by bands like Dream Theater and Fates Warning.

On ‘Dandelion’ the band produces over an hour’s worth of original material. This time around the band explores a heavier sound counterbalanced by elements of world music. From the opening track, “8:03PM (These Streets)” to the closing “I Welcome You, My Night” the band takes the foundation of their first album and evolves beyond the typical sounds of the genre. I feel Time’s Forgotten sets the bar for truly “progressive” based metal from this point forward.

My favorites of the album are “Indifferent” which has an electronica element throughout the song. The other is the epic of the album, “The Tale Of The Sun And Moon (Dandelion)” , which adds a Celtic element to the fold. These tracks alone are the highlights of the album and shows what the band is capable of.

The rest of the album is stellar and a must for any fan of the afore mentioned bands as well as those that want something beyond the stale clones out there. I can’t wait for what the band has in store for us next. Hopefully in a short time gap. Highly recommended album.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on March 20th, 2010


01. 8:03pm (These Streets)
02. Second Time
03. Indifferent
04. Silent Waters
05. The Tale Of The Sun And Moon (Dandelion)
06. Back Home
07. Everything's Not Lost
08. Gone Into The Mountains
09. I Welcome You My Night

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